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Tile and Grout Cleaning Double Bay

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Grout cleaning is much more complex than tile cleaning. Grouts are destined to get stains at a faster pace than that of the other layers of a tile. Once grouts get damaged or stained, the show of the entire tile goes off. We at Sydney Tile Cleaning have understood this problem and we also understand the root cause of it. 

Grouts are porous as it can absorb anything coming its way. The other portion of tile is not as absorbent to the material. Therefore, you have to up your game in terms of grout cleaning in Double Bay. But it’s not possible for you to clean it completely. If you will try experimenting, it can lead to some drastic results, so we advise you to try and leave the job to professionals. We at Sydney Tile Cleaning can show you exactly how it’s done when it comes to grout cleaning.

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Tile and Grout Cleaners

It mostly happens with tiles on the walls. The grouts in between are easily absorbent to stuff such as water, air and other materials coming with air. You wouldn’t notice it straight away as it takes time before the wall looks stained. But when you realise so, it becomes too tough a job to handle. Grout cleaning would end up making your tiles look great and fresh too, there’s no rocket science here. 

Some organisations may decide to apply chemicals to do grout cleaning. But we have a bit of a different opinion on how to do this job. We use less detergents and water as it can loosen grout and floor surfaces. The grouts may clean for the moment, but the tiles might not last longer as it will keep on loosening with time. We have got world class equipment for a unique wash which wouldn’t use high pressure cleaning and still end up cleaning every bit of the stain on your tiles and grouts.

Why choose us?

We at Sydney Tile Cleaning have got to know every bit of tiles & grouts. We know how grouts can get stained and in what way quality grout cleaning can be done in Double Bay. Grouts can easily absorb dirt coming from outside. It affects the walls of a bathroom the most. We have seen how different chemicals are used by people while bathing with all the shampoos and soaps which affect grouts almost on a day-to-day basis. We have seen how carelessness on the part of our customers has led to heavy stains on grouts. We have still managed to eliminate them. We make the tiles look brand new once we are finished with our work. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning Experts
Tile and Grout Cleaners Sydney

We like to keep it simple with our techniques when it comes to grouts. If we use high pressure cleaning, it may loosen up the tiles. It can create a major gap between, and things are only going to go downhill in the long run. Grout cleaning is supposed to be done with the help of scrub and dry technology. With the help of this technology, we can get rid of the stains on walls along with no aftereffects of the services. In case we end up creating a mistake somewhere, we are all up to do the services again at your disposal. We don’t use much water and detergent. It’s required in some areas, but if we use it in excess quantities, the tiles may get dampened after some time. Grout cleaning requires a lot of patience and experts in our team are always up for the challenge. 

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