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Stone Sealing North Sydney

Leaders of Stone Sealing in North Sydney

Sydney Tile Cleaning is a leading company offering quality stone sealing in North Sydney. Our trained and fully insured experts will see that you get professional stone sealing services at the best rates.

Our team has the perfect balance between knowledge and the latest machinery to cover your stone sealing in North Sydney without any hassle.

We undertake stone sealing projects for limestone, travertine, marble, graphite, bluestone, slate, ceramic, terracotta, mosaic, quarry flooring, and ceramic. Adding natural stone is a great way to add to the elegant looks of your outdoor spaces, such as a driveway, patio, decks, gardens, poolside areas, etc. and indoor spaces like- benchtops, floorings, kitchen, and bathroom areas.

Though natural stones are highly durable and require less maintenance, they should be properly maintained to get the best out of your natural stone. They consist of various porous materials, which allows liquids such as water, oil, other chemicals, dirt, dust, grimes, and grease to enter these porous and damaging stones.

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Therefore, to maintain your natural stone from contamination, our experts will help you with stone sealing in North Sydney. With their years of experience, our experts will reach your place, check for the type of stone, check for the degree of damage to the stone, and then use cutting edge technology to help with stone sealing and restoration.

  • Stone Sealing for Kitchen Spaces: Our experts will help seal your bench tops to protect against spills, stains, etching, and wear and tear. Our stone sealing will protect against staining substances like red wine, vinegar, lemon juice, soy sauce, coffee etc. Since all porous materials will be sealed, there will be no chance for bacteria to grow and spread. With our advanced machines, we will reach every nook and corner to provide complete protection. 
  • Stone Sealing for Bathroom Spaces: Modern bathroom floors, walls, and vanities are made from natural stone to give your spaces an elegant look. It should be noted that bathrooms are always in contact with water and harmful chemicals from your soap, shampoo, etc. Our expert sealers will completely clear your bathroom space and then apply the sealant to no water seepage. Your stone is adequately sealed for better durability and sustainability. 

Types of sealers used for stone sealing by our experts:

Stone Sealants are divided into two types mainly- Penetrating Sealers and Surface Sealers.

  • A penetrating sealer will penetrate the porous stone surface and block the contaminants from entering the stone. They allow the stone to remain breathable and are widely used for outdoor stone tilings. These sealants, as they seep through, will not change the looks of your stone.
  • Similarly, a surface sealer/ topical sealer is used as a coating on the top of grout or tile to form a stain-resistant shield. They will help enhance the looks of your stone and will also be able to add lustre to your stone. They are mainly preferred for indoor stone tilings.
  • Solvent-based sealers and water-based sealers are the other variants present in the penetrating sealers. Ideally, a solvent-based sealer will be used by our experts for outdoor spaces as they are much more efficient, but the downside is they give a pungent smell and cannot be used in indoor and commercial spaces.
  • If your spaces required protection against water, our experts would be using a Hydrophobic stone sealer. Whereas if water and oil protection is needed, then we go with Oleophobic stone sealers.
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Call in professionals from Sydney Tile Cleaning:

It might feel at first that getting a DIY for your stone sealing in North Sydney will be a better option. Still, with the number of difficulties that you might go through learning about the tile, the exact sealer requirement, proper cleaning of the stone, all this will become a hassle. Our experts have a keen eye for detail and will get every nook and corner of your area for residential and commercial space perfectly sealed.

Get in touch with our experts on 0405 132 132 or email us at You can be assured to get the best stone cleaning, sealing and restoration service from our reliable and professional experts. Visit our website to book your appointment for stone sealing in North Sydney to get a free quote and a 10% off. We will ensure that your stones become much more clean, vibrant, fresh, and hygienic to help improve your family’s health and add value to your property.

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