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Outdoor Tile Cleaning Double Bay

Outdoor Tile Cleaning Specialists in Double Bay


People in recent times have started to have their outdoor spaces installed with quality tiling’s. They no longer have the old and dull-looking concrete surfaces. 

Outdoor tile cleaning specialists from Sydney Tile Cleaning will help you with stress-free outdoor tile cleaning in Double Bay.

We use premium quality tiling’s such as Marbles, Granite, Limestone, Quarry, Travertine, Ceramic, Slate, Bluestone, etc., for their gardens, decks, patios, pools, and driveways.

Outdoor Tile Cleaners
Outdoor Tile Cleaning

As these floorings are porous, it needs to be regularly cleaned and sealed at regular intervals to enhance their looks and durability. Using common detergents and a hose would not provide you with the best cleaning needed for your outdoor tiles. 

Our experts also know about tile sealing to help protect against stains, grouts, and moulds. Sealing will help cover all the porous surface areas of your tiles and rejuvenate the looks by giving them a honed or glossy finish. Once our sealer seals your outdoor tiles, you need not worry about their maintenance for several years. It also helps with easy cleaning of your outdoor spaces.

Our outdoor tile cleaning services can be availed by residential and commercial spaces that include decks, patios, sidewalks, storefronts, restaurants, cafes, bars, schools, clinics, hospitals, and offices. Our experts will carry all the necessary tools and, with the knowledge under their belt, will ensure the best outdoor tile cleaning in Double Bay.

How our experts go on with outdoor tile cleaning:

  • Having the right tools and equipment: Our experts, when called for tile cleaning, will carry the latest tools and machinery along with basics such as brooms, scrub brushes, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We also carry drying tools to ensure that your spaces will be usable at the earliest.


  • Identifying the outdoor tile material: The type of cleaning materials and tools that our experts will use will depend upon the type of outdoor tiles you have installed. Our experts will ensure that no harsh agents and only soft brushes are used to clean the porous nature of your natural stone outdoor tilings in Double Bay.

  • Preparing the outdoor surface: Our experts using a soft broom will clean your outdoor spaces to remove dirt, dust, dry leaves, your pet hairs, and other debris. We will carefully blot or wipe off any stains of oil, grease, chemical or any other liquid spills. If there are any loose grouts, we will remove them altogether.
Outdoor Tile Cleaners Sydney
Sydney Tile Cleaning
  • Cleaning: If your tiles are correctly sealed, our experts will use high-pressure cleaning or jet blasting to ensure the surface is cleaned and no debris is left. Our experts will first be applying the sealants to help enhance your outdoor tiles durability if the sealants have withered off.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaners: We guarantee to use only eco-friendly cleaners to get that sparkling look back to your tiles. Our cleaners will cause no harm to plants and would be safe for your pets. Using the scrubber and its machinery would help deep cleaning ensure proper tile cleaning takes place, making your space healthier and safe.
  • Rinse: Once all the place is entirely scrubbed and removed from the dust and grimes, our experts will use quality rags and vacuum the spaces to dry them completely. Once the area is completely dried out, our experts can also help you polish the outdoor tiling in Double Bay to give your tiles a fresh and vibrant look and extra shine. Our experts may use protective waxes to provide them with the desired level of shine for terracotta and Quarry tile cleaning.

Apart from outdoor tile cleaning, our services include:

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Floor Stripping
  • Tile Sealing
  • Tile Regrouting
  • Grout colour sealing

When should you call for professional help:

Outdoor tiles are much more susceptible to pollutants, grimes, dust, dirt, chemical spills, and much more. 

Trying to get a DIY project on your outdoor tiles may cause more harm than the desired result. Using the wrong materials to clean your tiles may backfire big time.

Outdoor Tile Cleaning Experts
Outdoor Tile Cleaning Experts Sydney

So, rely on specialists from Sydney Tile Cleaning to take care of all your outdoor tile cleaning in Double Bay. We will handle your outdoor tile cleaning so that you can enjoy quality time relaxing without having to worry about your tiling. We will get your outdoor tile cleaning done to perfection and without any hassle.

Contact outdoor tile cleaning specialists on 0405 132 132. For any queries or advice related to tile cleaning, you can mail us at, and our customer-friendly support team will revert to you at the earliest. Book our best and affordable outdoor tile cleaning in Double Bay today and get a free quote and a 10% off our service.

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